The Wolf Pack of gpac

The Wolf Pack of <span class=gpac" width="300" height="200" />

Wolfpack – a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack.

A wolf pack is an apt symbolic name for a group of people who have a singular purpose and a united desire to accomplish that purpose. gpac is that kind of group.

In the past, a company would have a common strategy to achieve an end, but the workers in the company would have individual jobs and commitments. In today’s business world, teams of people who collaborate on projects are much more needed to make the company profitable.

If you examine how a wolf pack works, the similarities to gpac are obvious. In fact, three facts about a wolf pack describe how gpac works.

1.      Dominance is an important factor; in fact, only the alpha males and alpha females breed.

This relates to gpac in that our company is the Alpha Business in the recruiting industry. Excellence, perseverance, and an unyielding work ethic make gpac a dominant force. Because of this thriving position in the industry, gpac is a consistently growing business, breeding successful careers for those who employ our services.

 2.      All wolves serve the needs of the pack, not their individual goals.

The natural order of the wolf pack dictates that the alpha male and female take on a “parental-like” status. All of the other wolves naturally adjust their social position to

best serve the needs of the pack. This kind of teamwork and sacrifice are what makes gpac unique. The home page of our website says, “We eat, breathe and sleep the recruiting industry. We have a mindset. We have a burning desire to be the absolute very best we can be. Failure to grow is not an option.” In order for this to be a reality, we require each of our employees to be team players who work together to place each prospective employee in the job that will fulfill them.

 3.      Although the term “lone wolf” is a common one, in reality few wolves enjoy being alone.

They survive better as a group and hunt better as a group. In fact, most lone wolves are in search of a pack. The entire idea of gpac is community. Lone wolves are not a part of the culture. gpac uses its community resources to help job-seekers find the perfect community for them to work.

Dominance in the recruiting industry is the mark of an alpha company. gpac is that alpha wolf. Wolves in a pack are “team players” and come together to serve the needs of the whole. gpac has a goal that requires each individual worker to work as a team. Community is a purpose and a method.

A pack mentality of extreme loyalty and devotion binds the wolf pack together. gpac is that wolf pack.  



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