Be Prepared to Be Your Best During Video Interviews

As technology becomes better, faster, and easier, the work force changes. A current trend is the use of video to interview.

  • It’s less expensive because companies don’t have to reimburse travel expenses.
  • It’s quicker because it can be done from the office or home so no need to plan the time it will take to travel.
  • It’s easy to show the video to other company officials who may have missed the interview but want to have a say in who’s hired.

Anita Pashley, Human Resources Manager at Hilbery Chaplin, an international real estate company, finds the use of video “a very useful tool in the interviewing process. It’s no substitute for meeting a candidate face-to-face but it is definitely a good addition to a plain CV [curriculum vitae]….It brings out an individual’s personality, which doesn’t tend to come across on paper.”

Since video is an ever-growing trend, it is important to set yourself apart from other interviewees but be prepared to be your best. Here are 4 tips to make that happen:

1. Set up early.

  • Set up your camera so that your face is nicely framed.
  • Test your microphone to ensure that there is no buzzing or echoes. Invest in a headset if you need to do so.
  • Check the lighting. Your image should be plainly visible without being too bright.
  • Prepare the room. Set up a professional-looking space that won't distract from the conversation.

 2. Rehearse.

This is a key to any successful interview. Get comfortable talking into the camera. Be poised and ready to handle any question.

Be ready to look them in the eye by looking into the camera, not by watching the smaller images on the screen. Practice talking to the camera. Determine how you will sit so you are comfortable for an extended period of time.

3. Pay attention.

You have to pay special attention to what's going on during a video interview. The interviewer can see you, but it's more difficult to pick up on visual cues when you're trying to keep your attention focused on the camera.

4. Focus on your body language.

Sit up straight. Make eye contact. This is harder than it first seems. Again, you'll be tempted to keep your eyes on the monitor, but focus instead on the webcam. When you do, interviewers will see you looking at them directly.

Lean forward, and nod during the conversation so the interviewers can see that you're engaged.

After the session, send the interviewer a thank you note.




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