gpac's Growth is Great News for Everyone

We’re happy to announce our expansion! So why, exactly, is that good news for everyone? Matt Good, gpac’s Managing Partner, was able to shed some light:

“We believe that, in life, you are either going forward or backward, and growth is one of our non-negotiables.”

The expansion, which sees gpac adding space conveniently located by its main building, is really exciting for everyone involved. It’s not only a physical expansion, but also one of services that we offer. We are now extending our expertise to include the Banking industry.

We have also been fortunate to acquire 30 new gpac team members in order to tackle this endeavor! This kind of growth ties in with our core belief that the minute you stop pushing to grow and strive for greatness, is exactly when you start to slip. We are proud to say that we live in an amazing community here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We feel that it’s an honor to collaborate and provide a vehicle by which people, both locally and globally, can follow their dreams and climb their personal career ladder as high as they choose.

How will this benefit clients?

gpac prides itself on urgency and prompt response, along with superior service. This growth enables us to add invaluable members to project teams in order to cut the delivery time of top talent to our customers that have staffing needs. We acknowledge that there is strength in numbers. 

We recognize that, with a shortage of highly-skilled professionals, there is something of a “war for talent” to obtain the brightest. That’s precisely why the top companies have come to us for help. By adding to our team of experts, we are able to battle valiantly on behalf of our clients in the recruiting arena. The talent of our team adds to the talent of theirs, solidifying our clients’ ranks, while simultaneously ensuring that we remain at the top of our industry.

How will this benefit candidates?

Our attitude towards our clients inevitably affects the benefits to our candidates. Anyone working with a talent management company realizes that they are in demand. As such, it is prudent to align yourself with a staffing firm that has an extensive comprehension of time-sensitivity, as well as professionalism and confidentiality. We understand that you are putting your trust in us as third-party management. We are, essentially, the eyes and ears of your career change, and we take that to heart; it motivates us. 

A company that consistently grows in the recruiting industry is proving that they are doing it right, as that kind of thing doesn’t just happen on its own. We know that you expect nothing but the best from us, and we aspire every day to give it to you. 

Why is this good for our own employees?

We strongly believe that growth is both healthy and positive, and brings with it more energy and ideas. We combine those key elements with those of tools and technology to create opportunity for leadership. gpac has a partnership model, which at its simplest, means that what’s good for the company, is good for its people. 

We are constructed in a way that, as long as core values are respected and our quality of service remains high, our growth will only be affected by:

1.)  The recruiting industry itself, which projects to be stronger than ever as time marches into the future.

2.)  Our ability to develop leaders, both for our clients and within our own organization.

As long as strong leadership demands for our services to exist, we will allow for our company and its leadership to grow to the level desired. This is what inspires our employees to flourish daily, and everyone wins.

Our New Space:

gpac is comprised of three buildings, all within walking distance.  Our Leadership and Administrative team is based out of the main office, and this is where we like to greet everyone the first time we meet them. We affectionately like to think of the other two buildings as “just down the hall.”

We encourage all who can benefit from what we do (whether for recruiting, talent management, staffing, coaching, leadership development, career advice, job search, etc.) to stop by our office in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

How we can help you:

Candidates: Are you looking for a new position? Visit our Job Center for today’s opportunities. 

Employers: Are you looking to fill a key position with your industry’s best talent? Our staffing expertise can be immediately accessed. Have a look at our Recruitment Solutions.

gpac would like to help you reach your goals, as we continue to reach ours. We believe that together, we can all rise to the top. When asked what the goal for gpac is over the next five years, Matt Good responded with, “To grow as much as we can.”

Want to come along for the ride? Reach out today for a better tomorrow: (605) 367-6939

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