Choose a career that’s beyond ordinary

When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up you don’t hear “recruiter” very often. And we get it. We’re pretty short on rocket ships and spacesuits in our industry.

But now that you’re not a kid and you’ve realized that maybe you’re not so keen on buckling yourself into a tin can and blasting out of the atmosphere, you might be searching for a career that is still out of this world (we promise, no more space puns…well, maybe one).

If you’re not familiar with the world of recruiting, you might have some skewed ideas about who recruiters actually are and what they really do. Most people envision college or military recruiters when they hear the term. It’s these misconceptions that prevent people from realizing the amazing opportunities a career in recruiting can offer them. The recruiting and staffing industry is growing rapidly. Having nearly doubled in sales in the last ten years, it is a $150+ billion industry that is projected to breach $200 billion within the next few years. With little fanfare and incredible opportunities, a career in recruiting may be one of the best kept secrets.


Now that you know what we don’t do, you probably want to know more about what a recruiter really does. At the core, it’s really very simple (and it’s also pretty awesome):  we help great people find great careers, and we help existing companies grow and flourish by connecting them with talented individuals. Recruiters use all the tools and knowledge at their disposal to bring people together for the purpose of greater professional success. It’s actually life-changing stuff that is both emotionally and financially rewarding.

Why Recruiters?

There are numerous transactions people make throughout their lives in which they rely on the advice and direction of an educated intermediary. People rarely buy or sell a home without the assistance of a realtor. Many consumers turn to the advice of a broker when making insurance decisions. It only stands to reason that people should seek advice for one of the most impactful decisions of their lives: their career.

How Recruiters Succeed

To play off the previous analogy, what makes the world of recruiting especially lucrative is that it can be done from anywhere and take you everywhere. For the majority of real estate agents and insurance brokers, they are tied to a limited geographical region. Recruiters can work anywhere from a high-rise office building to a home desk, and from there they can they can work with employers and jobseekers across the globe. With the ability to control your overhead while also having a virtually unlimited reach, a recruiter’s success is limited only by their motivation.

Recruiting is a high-impact career that offers great excitement and tremendous rewards. Recruiting with gpac does all that and then takes it to the next level. With gpac you get to work with dynamic professionals and innovative companies, helping them both succeed, all while adding to your own success. With the ability to change lives all over the world and make a great living while doing it, even seven-year-old you who wanted to be an astronaut will probably be pretty happy. And hey, it’s not rocket science.

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