Jerry Beech

Senior Director

Jerry Beech

Jerry Beech is Senior Director at gpac.

For over 20 years in the business, Jerry has committed himself to become an integral part of gpac’s offices growth. However, he’s a recruiter at heart, and he still matches candidates and companies for the construction industry.

He moved to Sioux Falls in 1997 and started his career as a recruiter at gpac, learning everything from the bests and developing his skills in the recruitment industry. Jerry began recruiting in the agriculture industry, but he was dedicated to other industries through the years and found his passion in this business.

Jerry has assisted other pac members by training them and sharing his expertise in this industry. I’ve won many awards, such as the Midwest Account Executive of the year in 2007 and others.

The best thing he’s won at gpac is a family that motivates him to keep growing. His growing career at gpac improved directly in his life. His vision is to help develop a team of innovators fully committed to making a change in other people’s lives and discovering the impact gpac has on their lives.