Join the pac. Join the party. Do more than just work for a living.

At gpac, we know how difficult it is to find a career that offers handsome rewards while respecting your desire to have a life beyond the grind. That's why our work from home recruiters opportunity could be the thing you've been waiting for.

You are completely unlike anyone else, and the same should be said for your career and business goals.

A work from home recruiters opportunity is ideal for talented, driven and entrepreneurial professionals who can bring a unique perspective of their respective field to the recruiting game. At gpac, we harness your knowledge and empower it with industry-leading resources and a team spirit that is simply unrivaled in the recruiting industry. If you are interested in the changing lives, big time, for the people business, then a work from home recruiters opportunity could be right for you.

work from home recruiters opportunity

We're All About


Profit margins and 401ks and shiny corner offices are nice, but none of that, no matter the business, is possible without people. And nothing we do is possible without them, either. We think the things people do and the passions they have are the most incredible resource we’ll ever have. We take great pride in getting to know people and their passions, because it’s the only way we succeed.

Never Settling

We hold ourselves personally accountable to help our clients and candidates achieve the kind of success they’ve always dreamed of—which is a tall order we never take lightly. So we're looking for individuals with the same drive and ambition to help find and deliver that next great gig or that hard-to-describe but irreplaceable candidate by being innovative, nimble and nothing less than best.


We’re confident “work” and “play” belong in the same sentence. We believe in hard work (really, really hard work) and in enjoying the payoffs of having a bit of fun, too. We love partnering with people who are like-minded and passionate and who know how to find the right balance of work and play— because we know finding the right culture fit is a big part in fitting in nicely with big success.

The Big Picture

We’re in this for the long haul, not the quick-turn, for the prosperity of our clients and the happiness of our candidates. We’re committed to the ideals that have set us apart since day one and to the kind of relationship-building and proactive thinking that helps make the tomorrows of those we partner with a bit brighter, a lot happier and way more successful. If that sounds like you, let's talk.

what our team is saying

Find your inner passion here! At gpac, we have a culture of cohesiveness, working together, encouraging each other, and pushing each other to the next level. There is no other place where you have uncapped earning potential, along with unlimited personal growth. Build your own business, with the tools and support provided to get you there.”

Sarah Hagenlock, Executive Search Consultant

gpac is an incredible company filled with motivated people that are positive and helpful. The culture is un-matched and I would recommend gpac to anyone who is looking to get out what they put in. Great for people with personal accountability who also thrive in a team environment.

Samantha Solomon, Executive Search Consultant

gpac is hands-down the best company I have ever worked for. We get the feeling of owning our own business without losing the support of working for one. gpac has a great family-oriented culture and it offers a tangible way of realizing that the sky is the limit when it comes to your earning potential.

Amy Thomsen, Executive Search Consultant

gpac is the first job I've had out of college, and I cannot imagine there is a better opportunity for young professionals. It does not matter if you have been with the company for one year or 10+ years, everyone has the same opportunity! If you put the work in, you are rewarded in a BIG way!

Conner Doherty, Executive Search Consultant

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