Jen Schaefer

Director of HR

Jen Schaefer

Jen Schaefer is the Director of HR at gpac.

Jen and her team handle anything employee-related. They work hard to ensure our greatest asset, gpac’s team, is well taken care of.

She spent 11 years at a fast-growing tech company at the HR department, as the company started to grow. gpac recognized her work and sought her out to join their thriving and growing team in 2019.

A huge part of Jen’s HR experience came during her time with the tech company, where she was the only HR person during her tenure. At gpac, she has been learning everything about the recruitment industry and understands the company’s needs and vision to onboard new pac members that match with gpac’s culture. She also makes sure that everyone in the company feels like part of the family.

As she graduated from college, Jen started doing HR type functions at a job, and she felt she’d found her place. Jen eventually went back to school to obtain her master’s degree with a specialization in HR. As well, she has got two HR specific certifications and keep those current.

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