Career change

Craving a Career Change?

Craving a Career Change?

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Does the idea of starting a new job seem so incredibly out of reach it’s not even worth trying? Maybe you’ve been putting off the kind of professional fulfillment that includes your personal needs, or perhaps the potential risk is enough to blind you from the reward. Well, no matter how sudden or long-overdue, the decision to switch careers shouldn’t come with a belly ache.

So we’re pulling out your chair, and a career change is on the menu. No amuse bouche here. We want the entire 3-course meal when it comes to career shifts! So please, be our guest to this food for thought:

Reasons for a change in career path

Personal soup or professional salad? How about both.

Corporate perks & company culture: If broken promises made by your company have you scanning job boards on your lunch break, then it sounds like there might be areas in need of improvement. You don’t have to sacrifice a comfortable work environment for the most appealing benefits package when both are needed in this recipe for success.

Remote options & flexibility: Is there any lingering anxiety with the transition back to the office? Or maybe you need a break from the traditional hourly work schedule. Now that some businesses have gotten comfortable with work-from-home options, job seekers have more of a say in what their workdays should look like. After all, no one knows your peak productivity windows better than you do, so companies looking for high performers who know their potential will want to take advantage of this value.

Growth & earning potential: It’s reasonable for career goals to adapt and change with your professional development. That is, of course, if where you’re at encourages that kind of employee empowerment and growth. Maybe being undervalued is leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth as well as a thin wallet. Realizing that your worth in dollar signs is just as significant as the worth of your professional advancement can help you choose a career path that adds just the right balance of both.

Challenges of job seeking

Lack of transferable skills & experience:

Though you’re likely to have transferable skills, chances are there may be a skill gap, experience, or privileged knowledge keeping you from taking the chance on a new career. Rounding out those soft skills, upskilling, online learning, and new certifications are the perfect way to add a little seasoning to your resume as well as show employers you’re serious about and capable of adapting in the workplace.  

Little to no time to search: 

The time and effort it takes to find a job, research hiring companies, and apply can seem like a full-time job in itself, and you already have one of those. Not to mention the unpredictable length of the interview process and, should you get and accept an offer, the potential back and forth of a desperate counteroffer. Time is not only valuable but also limited, especially when it’s not channeled into following your dreams and doing what’s best for you.


Alright, so maybe you are considering a new career, that doesn’t mean you want your boss to know about it. At least not yet. There’s no need to stir the pot if you’re just browsing or want to figure some things out. There’s a suitable time and place for discussions about moving on, but there’s no rush. Your company and bosses will still be there when you’re confident about your next step and comfortable enough to talk.

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Benefits of a career shift

Just as there are many reasons to leave as well as challenges in doing so, nothing beats all the exciting flavors of a new opportunity.

  • A fresh start: Get hyped about the endless possibilities, an expanding network, and new areas of growth and fulfillment that were lacking before. 
  • Have your needs met: Starting a new career should be like lining up at a buffet with an empty plate. Income increase? Supportive culture? Pile them high. You deserve it.
  • Follow your dreams: Trade in your stressful work environment and burnout for something that’s been on the back burner for far too long. Your goals and ambitions. Whether personal or professional, it’s about time you start catering to yourself.

Making a career change in today’s market can definitely seem overwhelming, but taking that challenge one bite at a time could be easier to swallow. So, with a new career on the menu, are you ready to order?

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