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3 Facts on How COVID-19 Changed Recruitment

3 Facts on How COVID-19 Changed Recruitment

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Even though 2020 was a tough year, we are slowly evolving to a new normality, and all industries need to face the truth: COVID-19 has forced significant changes on how each sector will operate after the pandemic.

3 changes in the recruitment industry after COVID-19. 

1.More talent looking for jobs

The United States Department of Labor declared a peak of 26 million unemployed people in mid-April, matching with the most critical moment of the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a lot of talent out there that got laid off and qualifying people is as vital as ever to help them find a new place to find a new beginning. 

2. New ways to interview

Video meetings could replace the face-to-face interviews: the possibility of another pandemic or contingency cannot be overlooked. Besides, many companies have found advantages from scheduling online job interviews, such as accessibility, time, energy, and it’s money-saving. 

3. Remote work is here to stay

Recent studies have concluded that around 80% of companies will keep the remote work style after COVID-19. We must get used to the idea that this modality is the new standard of work, not only in our industry but in most sectors that allow working remotely.

What can we learn from this? 

The pandemic came to change our usual way of dealing with everything, and the best option for companies and employees is to adapt and use these differences as opportunities. 

If you are a recruiter, the pandemic has undoubtedly changed how you connect with people and how you approach your prospects and hiring authorities; if you are a hiring manager, it probably has made you think about how you reflect upon your teams and the core of your group work.  

Being part of the recruitment industry implies you’re in constant innovation, but with this significant event, staying updated is now a requirement for success. This isn’t the end of the road! Just keep working with the same grit as always and keep these three facts in mind to raise your game.

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