recruitment as a career

Is becoming a recruiter the right move for your career?

Is becoming a recruiter the right move for your career?
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Whether it’s an opportunity to make money based on fair commissions or the desire to completely change your career path, there are many reasons why you could be interested in becoming a recruiter. Whatever yours is, here are some things you should consider before joining the recruitment industry.

For starters…

What is recruitment?

You could say that the recruitment industry is one of the workforce’s most overlooked yet essential pieces. Whether you think about recruitment as something headhunters or staffing agencies do, what you should really keep in mind is that this $150 billion industry is all about one thing: connecting the right person for the most suitable position with the right company.

To do that, recruiters need to identify, screen, shortlist, and look for the hiring potential of their candidates. High-performing recruiters work to meet the demands of both employers and employees through the hiring process.

All of this means following the process, assessing candidates, understanding the company’s needs, and pursuing the goals of both parties to achieve the best possible outcome.

So, is becoming a recruiter right for you?

Here are 5 questions you should consider before becoming a recruiter:

1. Are you disciplined and self-driven?

No recruiter is the same, but in general, they tend to be assertive, extroverted, confident, and self-driven. In other words, you have to take responsibility for actively chasing your clients’ and candidates’ success, as well as your own.

2. How do you feel about remote work?

If you are now one of those professionals who dread the idea of going back to the office, recruitment might be the right choice for you. This career allows you to work from anywhere in the world. Here’s where self-discipline (and tech-savviness!) comes in handy.

3. Do you feel passionate about helping others?

It’s not just about working in one or more fast-growing industries but also about genuinely putting your people skills to the test. Connecting with candidates and companies is not just another project to check off your list. You have to facilitate the right match to ensure a win-win scenario.

4. Are you looking for professional growth and development?

Recruiters are constantly evolving.  It’s part of their nature since they have to be on top of their game. This not only applies to their own skillset but to their knowledge regarding whichever industry they are working in.

5. Are your financial goals commission-based?

Some professionals feel like their salary should reflect their efforts. If that’s your case, you should probably know recruitment is a “big efforts breed big rewards” type of business. The best part is… it’s also as recession-proof as a career can be. Why? Because there will always be positions to fill and people looking for new jobs or life opportunities.

becoming a recruiter

Do you have what it takes?

Overall, recruitment is an exciting and high-activity job that keeps it interesting by solving thousands of people’s professional and staffing needs. So, if what you found here aligns with your career goals, then maybe becoming a recruiter is the right path for you.

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