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What Makes gpac Search Consultants Good Recruiters?

What Makes gpac Search Consultants Good Recruiters?
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Our workforce is one of the reasons we’re the #1 Digital Recruitment Platform across the US. But what makes our people good recruiters? It’s a combination of different factors, such as their commitment to helping candidates land their dream jobs and enhance teams, as well as their top-notch recruitment training. Before diving into why they’re unique talent search specialists, let’s define their role and other things you should know about recruitment.  

What is a recruiter? 

It’s certain that at some point you’ve heard a friend or colleague has been reached out by one, but have you really wondered what a recruiter does? Recruiters are search professionals responsible for filling open positions with quality candidates. Although there are both in-house and third-party recruiters, it’s more common for companies to hire a recruiting agency to access a wider talent pool and gain another pair of hands for some of the time-consuming tasks of the hiring process. 

Even though their craft allows them to work across different markets, they usually specialize in a specific industry. This is a major benefit of working with a recruiter for hiring managers and companies since they’re already familiar with the trends and pace of an industry’s job market. Depending on the recruiter type and the position level they fill, you’ll see different types of approaches and activities they can perform for clients. 

Daily recruiter activities

Whether you’re referring to an external or internal job recruiter, they’re all involved in several activities from different phases of the hiring process. Here are some activities our recruiters do on a daily basis to match a candidate with a job opening. 

Skills that make a good recruiter

Recruitment is a people business requiring professionals to communicate assertively, connect the dots, and streamline the hiring process. This means individuals who perform a role as a corporate or executive recruiter need a diverse skill set, confidence, and patience to succeed in this business.  

From verbal facility to empathy, here is a list of soft skills that every recruiter needs: 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Sharp communication and active listening
  • Networking and relationship-building
  • Multi-tasking and time management 
  • Coachability
  • Reliability and accountability

On the other hand, here are a few hard skills that will set up professionals wanting to make their way into recruitment for success. 

  • Data-driven
  • Social media and marketing skills
  • Tech-savvy
  • Negotiation and sales skills

The salary of a recruiter

How much recruiters make is another common question about this role. In-house recruiters usually have a defined salary, and depending on the company they work for, they can also get a bonus for referring new hires. Third-party recruiters, on the other hand, work under commission-based compensation plans. 

This type of earning is not for everyone. There is a misconception about commissions, and most people would turn down commission-paying jobs. Nevertheless, those willing to turn every hour into one that pays, see this form of compensation as a way of taking control of their earnings to reach their financial goals. 

Is a headhunter the same as a recruiter? 

Although both headhunters and recruiters are matchmaking specialists, these two professions have a few differences, especially if we compare them with an in-house recruiter. The main difference is the type of roles they fill. Headhunters usually aim for high-level positions, while recruiters are responsible for a wider variety, from entry-level to C-level jobs

With this difference in mind,  gpac recruiters stand out from other talent search specialists because they are trained to fill all position levels, even high-level executive positions. Another highlight about gpac recruiters is they can work for both candidates and businesses; as the slogan our company stands for, their focus is on “growing people and companies.” In order to complete this purpose, they get involved with companies and candidates from both active and passive markets, and provide quality services to facilitate long-lasting matches

Differences between gpac recruiters and other talent search specialists

The differences between recruitment and talent acquisition seem tricky because of the similarities in some of their daily activities. Still, their main distinction is the role each one plays during the hiring process. Talent acquisitions are usually in-house professionals who identify a company’s talent sourcing needs and define the efforts for continued hiring. While recruiters, whether internal or external, play a major role on the “front lines” of finding candidates and filling clients’ needs.

Even though our recruiters provide third-party solutions for clients, they have a drive to act as an associate or extension of the company they’re partnered with. Keeping up close communication with hiring managers helps our team better understand client plans and needs, leading to better placements for both companies and candidates.

As mentioned before, when it comes to finding top talent, gpac recruiters are used to looking everywhere. They don’t settle for only the people who apply to their job postings; they perform extensive and deep searches to find the most talented professionals in any industry’s job market. To achieve this goal, they apply one distinctive headhunting method: reach out to people who aren’t actually looking for a job, but that would make a change if the right opportunity were presented to them. 

What’s an Alpha Pac Recruiter? 

Here at gpac there’s a distinction for A-1 search consultants; these are called Alpha Pac recruiters. But what’s the difference between these and our other gpac search consultants? Both of them hone their recruitment craft and aim for becoming first-class professionals in the industry, but as with any other company, there are high-performing employees that are specifically recognized as high achievers, this is where Alpha Pac status comes in. 

Even though most of them became a recruiter without previous experience, the skill set, expertise, and tips and tricks of the trade they’ve acquired throughout their career increase a company’s chances of filling their needs with the perfect fit in a shorter period of time. Their knowledge of their industry’s in-demand skills and trends also makes them the best choice to help grow a client’s teams. 

In terms of compensation and benefits, Alpha Pac recruiters are top billers because once they reach this status, they get to experience higher commissions and other incentives, such as the yearly pace-setters company retreat. 

If you have big plans for your team and need help adding more talent to your ranks, contact one of our recruiters, or if you’re interested in starting a career in recruitment and getting on the road to Alpha Pac status, apply now and become a recruiter

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Contributed by Luis Arellano

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