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What Training Do Recruiters Need?

What Training Do Recruiters Need?
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Recruitment is a multi-billion-dollar industry with unlimited earning opportunities. Whether you’re a professional ready to start making real money based on fair commissions or you have the desire to change your career path completely, there are many reasons why you could be interested in becoming a recruiter. 

Pursuing a career in recruitment

Before you start down the recruitment route, you should get familiar with the basics of the industry.

What makes recruitment a good career path?

A position in this industry has an abundance of perks and opportunities for fulfillment. If you’re driven and disciplined, this role allows professionals to make a name for themselves in expanding industries, determine their worth beyond a basic corporate salary, and change lives by matching job seekers with available positions.

What do recruiters do?

There are different types of recruiters, but a general description of a recruiter’s function is bridging the gap between top talent and hiring managers. Through the proper vetting, companies and candidates rely on the confidentiality and professionalism of recruiters to assist with setting the groundwork for long-lasting matches.

Do recruiters make good money?

The idea of commissions has had a dark shadow hanging over it for the longest time, but recruiters with this payment structure have no cap on what they can earn through their placements. Through commissions, recruiters determine their own paycheck at the end of the day, and for some, it can take as little as six months to make six figures.

Can you become a recruiter without experience?

Depending on the agency or company you want to become a recruiter with, some experience requirements may be necessary. However, there are also opportunities with staffing agencies where even the most inexperienced recruiters or those who had never heard of recruiting at all have been able to make it big.

What are the qualifications of a recruiter?

Recruiting is a match-making career fueled by interactions with job seekers and decision-makers. It is a highly people-oriented profession, where the ability to talk on the phone, handle confidential information, and bring people together to succeed is vital. The most important skillset recruiters should have for the role include:

  • Organization and multitasking
  • Active listening and good communication
  • Networking and marketing
  • Integrity and resilience
  • Critical thinking and empathy

How do you train to be a recruiter?

Digital recruitment has made a huge impact on remote work for the industry. And with that, remote studying, and online learning, have presented several avenues for becoming a recruiter. 

So, what kind of training do recruiters need? The kind of training that considers the complexities of an individual’s on-the-go lifestyle and mode of learning.

Training for longevity in a multi-billion dollar industry needs to be easily accessible, current, and conducted by professionals that have mastered the craft. Experts lending their knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry to newer recruiters looking to unleash their potential in every aspect of the role is how success is made possible.

Professionals should go about recruitment training with eyes and ears wide open as they absorb teachings on technique, style, and practices for providing quality service to clients and candidates. 

Lessons geared toward producing top recruiters must stretch beyond initial introductions to making calls and setting up interviews. Writing job descriptions, posting on job boards, follow-ups, and salary negotiations are also areas that require proper instruction and preparation. Getting familiar with tools and terminology help recruiters source and understand the needs of top talent, as well as their clients, which is an essential topic in training.

For recruiters, training is an invaluable ongoing resource. Being able to rely on a continuous training platform also helps both new and veteran recruiters to stay on top of their game and refine their approach to making matches and growing their pipeline.

Benefits of recruitment training with gpac

gpac takes pride in the digital platform they’ve built to maintain the efficiency of recruiter training. From learning the basics to helping their teams develop their messaging and marketing strategies, gpac recruiters are in control of their progress. With encouragement and a proven formula for success, professionals committed to meeting and exceeding their goals are in the most qualified hands upon joining.

What can you gain from gpac’s recruiter training?

  • 100% remote exercises
  • Hands-on-experience that starts on day one
  • 24/7 on-demand training videos
  • Trackable goals and guidance on improvement
  • Mentorship from and resources used by top performers
  • Company-wide support and transparency

Training begins with a four-week long bootcamp with experienced industry experts who are invested in you becoming the best.

Contributed by Mary Dominguez

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