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Working with a Recruiter to Find a Job: Reasons and How-to

Working with a Recruiter to Find a Job: Reasons and How-to

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Although their labor is more known, many job seekers still need to be convinced about working with a recruiter to find a job. Candidates need to experience firsthand what it’s like to work with them instead of just knowing about their existence. 

In case you’re curious about using a recruiter’s services during your job search, continue reading and discover why you should work with them to find a job. 

What do recruiters do? 

Before diving into why you should work with a recruiter to find a job and the how-to of partnering with them, it’s essential to cover some basics about their craft. First, keep in mind there are in-house or corporate talent acquisition specialists and third-party recruiters. 

As a job-seeker, you’ll most likely partner with a third-party recruiter during your job search. For this sake, you should know even though they work as an extension of the companies they’re associated with, most of the gpac recruiters provide a targeted and confidential search. 

Having this in mind, what do recruiters do, then? Although they perform a thorough set of tasks in their day-to-day, their first and foremost is to match top talent with a company in need. As companies aim to fill job openings and maximize their recruitment budgets, they hire a recruiter to save time and money by simplifying the hiring process and narrowing their choices to the best candidates in their talent pool.   

While a recruiter’s training encompasses a wide variety of both hard and soft skills, they’re experts in connecting the dots, as well as highly proficient with social interactions. This allows them to understand your background and empathize with your needs, goals, and motivations. 

For a better understanding of a recruiter’s job, these are some of the most common tasks search consultants do on a daily basis:

  • Source candidates
  • Look for job openings to fill and companies they can assist
  • Screen and qualify their pipelines
  • Set up interviews
  • Follow up and provide feedback
  • Stay updated on the latest trends in the industry they work with

While other staffing agency recruiters have more emphasized differences with a headhunter, gpac search consultants are alike since they’re also trained to work with all parties and fill high-level positions and executive roles. 

Therefore, some stakeholders and job-seekers tend to refer to them as headhunters too. In the end, their knowledge and skill set is what matters the most and makes them game-changers. 

Reasons to work with a recruiter to find a job

In a nutshell, working with a recruiter to find a job will give access to their portfolio of companies with job openings. On top of this, they can also provide advice for improving your resume, set you up for scheduled job interviews, or even help you clear any doubts about the role you’re seeking or your job search in general. 

As with any other craft, there are top-notch search specialists, such as gpac’s Alpha Pac recruiters, who will reflect and fulfill all the expectations about hiring a headhunter or recruiter to find a job. If you ever come across or reach one of them, here are a few reasons why you should partner with them. 

Saves you time

Job searches are challenging and time-consuming, especially if you’re still employed. Exploring job boards, sending resumes, and scheduling interviews are some of the tasks you’ll have to perform during your search process, and as you can imagine, these will take time away from your other responsibilities. 

Working with a recruiter to find a job will reduce the hours you spend looking for a job since they will search for openings and set up meetings with employers for you. 

Benefits your finances

Aside from the time you’ll have to invest, you’ll have to stay aware of your financial stability in your job search, especially if you’re unemployed or your salary isn’t enough for expenses. Fortunately, partnering with a gpac recruiter to find a job is free of charge, since their commission doesn’t come out of candidates’ pockets. 

Gets you access to exclusive job openings

When you do your job search on your own, your scope is limited to what you can find on job boards or with your network. By working with a recruiter, you can gain access to opportunities they have as companies’ associates; you’ll get to be considered by employers that haven’t released positions publicly yet, or if you’re a high performer, they can recommend you for roles that aren’t strictly job vacancies but would be a smart move for the company in question.  

Increases your profile’s visibility 

As mentioned above, companies associate with recruiters so they find talent for them; this means search consultants have direct communication with hiring managers. If you submit your resume via a job board or mail, it will fall into a pool with many others, while hiring a headhunter or recruiter will make your application more direct as they can recommend you to employers. 

Works as a career coach

Another reason to work with a recruiter when looking for a job is all the insight they can provide to make you more confident and set you up for every aspect of your job search. From covering the gaps in your resume to negotiating your salary, gpac search consultants are committed to your success. 

Even if you’re unsure of your next career move, a recruiter can help you weigh your options and make the best choice, whether it’s a promotion or lateral move, a new job, or even a career change

Streamlines the hiring process

One of the recruiters’ main goals is to streamline the hiring process for both candidates and companies. As a middleman between you and a potential employer, any information related to your application, such as the job description, interview feedback, and employment offers, will go through them, allowing you to go through a more straightforward process.

How to use a recruiter to find a job

Similar to how headhunters partner with companies, if you work with a recruiter to find a job, you’ll have to communicate with them. The more transparent and direct you are with them, the better your collaboration will be. 

In case it’s your first time working with a search consultant, here are a few suggestions on how to work with a recruiter to find a job.

  • Submit your data to a staffing agency site: If you don’t have a recruiter in your network or haven’t been reached by one, you should start by submitting a form so a headhunter can contact you and start your job search process.
  • Ask the right questions: Once you’ve established contact with a recruiter, get to know more about the industries and companies they represent so you can determine if they can help you with your job search needs. 
  • Be clear about your expectations: When you meet with a recruiter, explain what you’re looking for in your career move and how you expect to be helped. Be straightforward about your background, salary history, why you’re shifting jobs, and any progress you’ve made on your job search. 
  • Stay involved during the process: Although recruiters will help you with some tasks and ease parts of the process, don’t expect them to do everything or wait for them to get you an offer. Stay in touch with them and act according to their recommendations.
  • Spread the word about their work: If working with a recruiter has paid off and you find a job, consider recommending their services to your network. Even if their commission doesn’t come out of your pocket, you can help them by sharing your experience alongside them with your network. This will also set a great foundation for future collaborations. 

The main goal for matchmaking specialists is to be a resource for companies’ and candidates’ growth. If you’re looking to excel in your job search and find your dream job, contact one of gpac’s top-tier recruiters to work with them so you can explore all your options and make the best possible choice for your career.

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