Certificates and Certifications That Pay Well

Certificates and Certifications That Pay Well
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Proof of proficiency for a skill or experience is often sought to demonstrate levels of expertise. Both certificates and certifications showcase various strengths desirable to potential employers, current managers, peers, and clients within your profession or industry. 

While these credentials can be valuable assets while prepping for a career change, negotiating salaries, or making moves in your organization, the best part about investing in and pursuing professional development is you’re actively taking steps toward achieving your career goals.

What is more necessary: skills or a certificate?

There are a lot of high-value skills in the workplace, and most of them go without saying. You can easily demonstrate interpersonal and technical skills in day-to-day responsibilities or interactions and even develop new skills with hands-on training. Needless to say, a certificate is not the only way you can display your professional capabilities.

However, certificates can say more than skills alone do on a resume, they are attention grabbers for promotions or on professional networking sites. And that’s because certificates mean more than time spent honing a skill and gaining knowledge. 

Regardless of the subject a certificate or certification may focus on, actually making an effort and taking the time to enhance your professional repertoire shows dedication and commitment to growth. Where having skills on your resume or professional profile is important, certificates and certifications further express:

  • Discipline and goal orientation from the completion of your coursework.
  • Accountability for your career’s progression through whatever means necessary.
  • Resourcefulness with learning opportunities, whether externally or suggested, or internally offered.

Credentials based on career choices

Fortunately, professionals have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to gaining advanced lessons and certification. But where should you start?

Well, the answer lies in what your goals are. Online certification programs are perfect for gaining a leg-up on your competition while browsing the job market. Other credentials can help solidify your foundation for long-term growth in your field and organization. And, of course, there are courses, certificates, and even on-the-job-training opportunities that can help you adapt to a related or entirely new skill set.

It’s all up to you. What are you aiming for? If you’re looking to move up in the ranks of your current company, ask yourself what the strengths and weaknesses are of those above you. Interested in rounding out or upgrading your skills? Then begin with researching some complimentary certificates that’ll help sharpen your abilities. But if you’re after a great job with a great salary, you can start here.

5 Certificates and Certifications for High-paying Jobs

Solar Installer Specialist Certification

The sun shines brightly on professionals that invest in this career path. Solar Installers in the US earn an average base salary of $69.8 K for their advanced handiwork installing and maintaining solar panel systems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a job outlook growth of 52% from 2020-2030, so it’s an excellent time to get studying!

Health Insurance Broker Certification

Finding the right coverage and managing risks pay well for these certificate seekers. Earning an average base salary of a whopping $83.8 K, professionals interested in this field can look forward to 50.4 K job openings each year.

Recruiting & Anti-discrimination Certificate

A multibillion-dollar industry fast-tracked for digital domination makes recruitment an extremely attractive career opportunity. An annual salary for even newest recruiters can be around 50.3 K depending on their work ethic and performance. Becoming a recruiter with some leading companies in the industry, such as gpac, have online training courses that certify you as a recruiter. 

The best thing is this course has no extra cost for you, as it’s part of your onboarding and on-the-job training. Visit gogpac.com and learn more about their services and employment options. 

Web Developer & Digital Designer Certificate

Jump online to get in line for this booming career path. These professionals earn an average annual salary of $77.2 K and have a faster-than-average growth job outlook. With close to 200 K jobs opened in 2020, by the end of 2030 an additional 25 K are expected to join the job market demand according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Project Management Professional Certification

Every workforce loves professionals who can help get their workload in order. Gaining a certificate in this area of work has a big payout with a $95.5 K median annual salary, especially since remote work is most likely here to stay, and third-party platforms aren’t always the solution to a well-maintained organization.

Earning certificates with big rewards

Not everyone has the time or financial freedom to acquire a 4-year degree to get into a new line of work, but certifications can be a valuable substitute for breaking ground in the industry of your choice and the career path of your dreams. And if you are going to invest even a little bit of these things into earning a credential of any sort, the payout should be worthwhile.

Take advantage of the accessibility and flexibility of online certification programs and learning platforms. For most credentials, you can start small with tutorials and trials before fully investing in a particular area of focus. Once you set your sight on achieving a certificate or becoming certified, make sure to give it your all. Because at the end of the day, the biggest reward you’ll get from your effort is in taking control of advancements toward your career goals.

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