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Updated July 21, 2022

Reshaping the workforce through digital recruitment

The recruitment industry had been demanding a digital make-over long before the pandemic, but the recruitment process can’t simply reduce job-seekers and available positions to ones and zeroes. Thankfully there was a business listening: gpac.

With over 31 years of industry experience, we’ve combined the perfect balance of both the tech and human aspects of recruitment. The tools we’ve built for our recruiting teams not only make placements easier to achieve, but allow gpac to invest in the root of a recruiter’s career path: making connections throughout the workforce. 

  • For clients, we’re able to streamline the hiring process, helping companies save time when growing their teams. 
  • For job-seekers across the nation, our vetting and qualifying practices make the application process less stressful by working with people rather than algorithms.
  • And lastly, but by far the most impactful, for our recruiters, our training, cutting-edge technology, and constant on-the-job support provide a solid foundation for sustainable success.

So, what is gpac recruiting?

gpac recruiting is a resource for growing people and companies and an opportunity for professionals across the nation to be part of a multi-billion dollar industry. In a company of over 700 professionals, gpac is truly a diverse and well-spread-out network of heavy-hitting recruiters. We’ve replaced the stale corporate hierarchy with a system that identifies more closely with an all-star sports organization and are maximizing our efforts when it comes to changing the game of recruitment. Our teams are well balanced with people from all over The US with varying levels of experience and backgrounds; some who had never even heard of recruitment before getting in touch with our gpac talent acquisitionists. 

Our top performing pac members had no previous experience and are now making 6-figure incomes.

Building up professionals within our recruiting teams is ingrained in our culture. The knowledgeable and robust leadership at gpac allows each individual to be an innovator, educator, and, of course, supporter of the recruitment industry. Even through our transition from traditional recruitment, gpac believes whole-heartedly in the value of human connections because nothing in this people-business is purely transactional.


How is gpac leveraging digital recruitment?

Nothing beats the old and reliable file cabinet… Except perhaps a highly qualified team capable of creating an automated filing and tracking system made exclusively for gpac recruiters. Thanks to gpac’s Tech Hub, we have a vision for growth and development that matches today’s changing landscape of professionals. Our advancements have enabled us to work smarter, not just harder, and helped us improve the customer and recruiter experience.

The matchmaking industry has met its match with gpac.

At gpac, we’ve created, developed, and maintained our very own digital tools, making possible the smooth and seemingly effortless transition to operating fully remote. Because of our proactive approach to advancing tech and processes within the recruitment industry, the professionals and businesses in every other industry we work with benefit as well. Digitally restructuring our network and building out tailored systems allows us to continue making strides in the world of recruitment.

And how far can a net be cast for potential candidates with local ads? Not to mention the time and resources spent appealing to job-seekers when urgent positions need immediate filling. In tandem with our tech-savvy needs, is the effort made by gpac’s dynamic marketing team to help our recruiters take charge of their personal branding and extend their reach on Social Media platforms. Recruiters are able to reach top talent wherever they are and get opportunities in front of them with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

What does gpac do for recruiters outside of the pac?

We have the duty to share and care
for the recruiting business.

So we’ve touched on what recruiters do for hiring authorities, job-seekers, and of course, their own recruiters. But it’s worth noting that gpac talks the talk while walking the walk in the industry itself. The result of combined efforts in research and experience is laid out in multimedia resources for recruiting professionals in their Knowledge Center. From helpful articles with tips from successful gpac recruiters offering career advice, talent acquisition solutions, and guidance on mastering the craft to our very own produced podcast episodes with a more in-depth discussion about recruitment in general.

Recruiters looking to take their careers to the next level, whether with gpac or not, can rely on us as thought leaders and advocates for their success in the industry. Because let’s face it, the responsibilities and effort required to be successful aren’t easy and definitely aren’t for everybody. For gpac recruiters, you get what you put in. And though becoming a recruiter has its hurdles, there’s comfort in the constant feedback, support, and recognition gpac fosters and instills throughout their company culture.

Working at gpac

Here at gpac, communication channels are life-lines necessary for success. Heavily transparent and open communication throughout the organization breeds collective motivation and reward.

gpac buzzes with constant collaborations because everyone is working towards a common goal: delivering high-quality results at every stage of the job search and hiring process. 

gpac’s online training, remote support system, and recipe for success have effectively evolved what used to be a desk job into a laptop lifestyle. With gpac you are given access to the industry’s highest-rated job boards, tools, and resources. More importantly, rest assured that this family-owned and operated company is fully committed to professional development and personal fulfillment along your recruiter career path.

Here at gpac have set our sights on completely transforming the recruiting industry. And we’re looking for driven individuals hungry for success and with a relentless mindset to continue reshaping today’s workforce and take our mission one step further. Are you up for the challenge? Join our pac and help us become one of the best recruitment agencies in the US.

Contributed by Mary Dominguez

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