What is gpac

What is gpac?

What is gpac?

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Reshaping the workforce through digital recruitment

The recruitment industry had been demanding a digital make-over long before the pandemic, but the recruitment process can’t simply reduce job seekers and available positions to ones and zeroes.

So, we at gpac, are proud to say that, through our 30+ years of industry experience, we’ve found the perfect balance of both the tech and human aspects of talent acquisition. Here’s how we do it:

The matchmaking industry has met its match with gpac.

At gpac, we’ve created, developed, and maintained our very own digital tools, making possible the smooth and seemingly effortless transition to operating fully remote. Because of our proactive approach to advancing our tech and systems, every other industry we work in benefits from our foresight and growth. Plus, digitally restructuring our networking process allows us to continue making strides in the world of recruitment.

So, what is gpac?

As a company of +500 individuals, gpac is truly a diverse and well spread-out network of heavy-hitting recruiters in the industry. We work in a system that identifies more closely with an all-star sports organization. Our teams are well balanced, with people from all across the states with varying levels of experience and backgrounds, some with no prior experience in recruiting at all.

The knowledgeable and robust leadership at gpac allows us to be innovators, educators, and, of course, supporters of the recruitment industry. And even though we’ve made a digital transition from traditional recruitment, we believe whole-heartedly in the value of human connections even when contemplating change or facing adversity. 

What is digital recruitment?

Thanks to our Tech Hub, we have a vision for growth and development that matches today’s changing landscape of professionals. Our advancements have enabled us to work smarter, not just harder, and helped us create the best customer and recruiter experience imaginable. 

With our technological resources, our recruiters can put more focus on networking and making genuine human connections. This access to online resources and tools also makes digital recruitment doable from any location, effectively taking a desk job and evolving it into a laptop lifestyle.

gpac talks the talk

Here at gpac, communication channels are lifelines necessary for success. Heavily transparent and open communication throughout the organization breeds collective motivation and reward.

gpac buzzes with constant collaborations because everyone is working towards a common goal: delivering high-quality results in every stage of the job search and hiring process.

gpac walks the walk

We offer new and seasoned members online training, a great support system, and a recipe for success. There’s a strong emphasis on professional development accompanying personal fulfillment and growth within every team at gpac.

So, not only are you given access to and training on the industry’s highest-rated job boards and tools, but you’re also brought into a company fully committed to growing people and companies.

Invest in yourself with gpac

The corporate perks of a recruitment career with gpac are numerous, from the freedom of a laptop lifestyle to the on-the-job learning and earning potential. But the responsibilities and effort required to be successful aren’t easy and aren’t for everybody. With gpac, you get what you put in. And though becoming a recruiter has its hurdles, there’s comfort in the constant feedback, support, and recognition we foster and instill through our company culture.

So, as you can see, we have set our sights on completely transforming the recruiting industry. And we’re looking for driven individuals, hungry for success and with a relentless mindset, to continue reshaping today’s workforce and take our mission one step further. Are you ready to join the pac and help us become one of the best recruitment agencies in the US?

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