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Meet Alpha Pac Recruiters: gpac’s A-1 Search Consultants

Meet Alpha Pac Recruiters: gpac’s A-1 Search Consultants
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Digital recruitment is a complex and challenging craft. It requires a specific skill set that encompasses technical and soft skills, as well as a tech-savvy profile that allows them to learn and use virtual tools to perform their work from anywhere in the world. gpac’s Alpha Pac recruiters enclose these and more attributes that have led them to become top billers and a guaranteed solution for clients and candidates. 

Introducing gpac’s Alpha Pac recruiters

To better understand the value of these talent search specialists, it’s necessary to define what makes a good recruiter. Being a first-class search consultant goes beyond checking off a list of tasks. It’s more about versatile professionals who have the confidence to approach companies and candidates with successful action plans to fulfill talent and job search needs. 

Communication skills, attention to detail, and persistence are a must for any Alpha Pac recruiter. Despite their background or time working in the recruitment industry, these recruiters have become one with the craft. As some say, practice makes perfect, and even though some of them have no related experience in talent acquisition or sales, their drive, trust in the process, and continuous learning have turned them into a benchmark in their industry.    

But how does a gpac recruiter gain Alpha Pac status? In simple terms, these talent search professionals have made the necessary placements within a year to meet the Alpha Pac cash-in milestone. From a client’s standpoint, this means you’ll be working with a recruiter who’s mastered the ins and outs of the craft and performs with a sense of urgency; while for a recruiter, this means unlocking over-the-top commissions and benefits. 

In short, Alpha Pac recruiters prove why gpac is legit, as they show their commitment to the craft and the true potential of how much recruiters make. In 2022, almost 80 gpac recruiters reached Alpha Pac status. Get to know some of them, their background, mindset, and why they’ve succeeded in the recruitment industry. 

Lori Bierschbach

“The benefit of anyone working with any gpac recruiter is the relationships. It is not just who we can find, but who we already know.”

If there’s a mantra that defines the story of Alpha Pac recruiter Lori Bierschbach is “failure is not an option.” As a single mom coming from the beauty industry, she was certain she needed to shift to a new career path in which she could achieve financial freedom. 

“My first year at gpac was the most difficult year within my career…and I am so thankful for that! If I had given up, all of that energy and time spent trying to make it would have been for nothing.”

Even though she was convinced joining gpac was the right choice, many people from her environment questioned her decision. Fortunately, far from discouraging her, these doubts and comments fueled her inner drive to succeed. Despite her commitment, Lori knew there would be ups and downs, but as another of her mottos says, she just makes sure to “learn from the bad days and celebrate the good days” to succeed. 

“We are real people getting to know the best of the best in our industry. We fully vet candidates and know their current thread of discontent, reasoning for transitions, and industry-specific skills.”

For Lori, recruitment is all about matchmaking and getting all the details about what companies and candidates are looking for. On top of that, she also performs as a consultant for both parties, which gives her the freedom to make suggestions and be involved in their efforts so they get the most out of their resources.

“My journey to becoming an Alpha Pac member has been such a significant learning experience in my life…I had to do the things I was scared to do. As soon as I did that, my whole world changed for the better. I went from feeling stuck to feeling free!”

Julie Gross

“I’m very self-motivated, I’m competitive but not so much with other people as I am with myself. I always think I can do better and what else I can do.” 

The common thread among every Alpha Pac recruiter is their self-motivation and drive to perform at a very high level. Julie Gross is no exception, and even though she was taking a time off prior to gpac to evaluate her career path, she was motivated by the challenge of becoming a recruiter and the chance to work from anywhere. 

“I consistently communicate with candidates and companies. This is not a job where I can be complacent, I need to keep the lines of communication open with my companies and be there for them when they need to hire.”

A key aspect of Julie’s success is her approach to every candidate and company. As a matchmaker, she focuses on both parties’ needs and how they fit each other, avoiding any bias that could affect her attention and customer service. Most importantly, despite the outcome of each match, she doesn’t take things personally and looks for alternative solutions on both ends.   

“To be part of the Alpha Pac, we have made several placements. This has enabled us to learn more about our industry, the geographical area we work in, the personality/culture of candidates in that area, as well as the culture and structure of the companies we work with.”

Her proficiency in dealing with people from different industries and the connections she’s made throughout her career set her up from day one. Every placement she’s made has set the foundations for her Alpha Pac status, not only because of the numbers but because of the experience she’s acquired and the connections she’s established within her industry. 

“We bring experience and knowledge which makes us better at our job. If I sign a new company, I can speak to them with intelligence about their area and really “understand” their needs.”

Conner Doherty

“Alpha recruiters come through when it matters the most for clients and candidates. We can fill the most urgent needs and help candidates find their desired role efficiently and effectively.”  

Conner Doherty represents all that being an Alpha Pac recruiter means. Despite joining gpac fresh out of college, he embraced and crushed the challenge becaming gpac’s top biller and a household name within the company. Back in 2017, as a recent grad, he was looking for a sales role and interviewing with different companies, until he found gpac’s opportunity to start a recruitment career

“The road to becoming an Alpha was tough, but I had the right mindset from the beginning. I told myself I would give it 12 months, no matter what happens before I quit.”

Even though he had no related experience with recruitment, Conner set a timeframe to get things on track for his new role. Despite the struggles in the first months on the job, he stayed determined to succeed and followed the path of other top billers until his hard work paid off. Even after being at the top of the list since he joined the company, he maintains that competitive drive to keep swinging for the fences.

“I continued to try and improve every single day for the past 6 years, and that has led me to where I am today. Learn from mistakes and give maximum effort and that is how you can become an Alpha recruiter.”

His formula for success encompasses different aspects. Conner uses LinkedIn as a top recruiter and keeps it as his main tool for staying close to talented candidates. On the same basis, Conner stays in front of companies whose hiring needs can be filled very quickly with professionals he’s sourced or that reached out to him looking for an exciting new opportunity.  

“We are a very good resource for candidates, as we help them find jobs on the hidden job market, and we have deep connections with our clients and can tell their full story, instead of just applying with a resume.”

At the end of the day, Alpha’s bring experience, and there’s no substitute for experience.”As you can see, every Alpha Pac recruiter’s path has been different. Many of them come from different backgrounds: most of them even started their career in recruitment without previous experience. Although they’ve polished some of their abilities with training and practice, the common denominator of their success is the drive, discipline, and motivation they’ve put into this craft and the role they perform.

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