Thank you email after interview

Are you sending a thank you email after interviews?

Are you sending a thank you email after interviews?
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The nerves before an interview are quickly replaced with those that follow an interview. Whether you think you did well or feel in the dark about where you stand after the meeting, the ball is no longer in your court. However, post-interview etiquette makes all the difference in leaving a lasting positive impression and may even help you land the job.

Through something as simple as an interview thank you email, job-seekers have yet another opportunity to showcase their commitment and enthusiasm regarding the role available. It may take a tad bit more effort than leaving your business card with a hiring manager (for those in-person interviews still happening), but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through what a thank you email following an interview may look like.

The difference between a “follow-up” and a “thank you” email after interviews.

It may be easier to categorize these two post-interview practices by intent and goal. For instance, expressing gratitude should be about the person and actions you’re thankful for, while a follow-up is more closely related to what may be expected moving forward in the interview process. Here are a few other differences between the two: 


  • Immediately sent for maximum impact
  • Brief and focused on what’s taken place
  • It can be used to keep an open channel of communication regardless of the results of an interview


  • Sent a few days after an interview or following a proposed update from your interviewer(s)
  • A chance to reinforce why you’d be a fit for the position and the company’s culture
  • It can be used to ask questions you may have forgotten or answer interview questions that may have been unasked

What to include in a thank you message:

Saying thank you after interviews is pretty easy to do, but you’d be surprised by how many skip this step altogether. Here are some elements of an interview thanks that you won’t want to leave out of yours:

Your interviewer’s information. Vague and generic greetings just won’t do. If you can’t remember who interviewed you, do some light research, check emails, or even call to find out who you spent your time with. Keep this in mind for future interviews as well. Jot down their name, position, email address, and any other information that may be useful in getting back into contact with them. It’ll make sending a thank you much easier if you know who you’re thanking.

Something to remember you by. Did you and the interviewer have anything in common or touch on a topic that wasn’t directly related to the job but eased the interview moving forward? Maybe you even cracked a joke that was a crowd-pleaser or fell endearingly flat. The point is, after presumably dozens of interviews, what might have made you stand out during your time with them?

The actual thanks! Probably the most crucial part of a thank you message is the part where you say thanks. Thank decision-makers for their time, consideration, and the opportunity to meet for the position you’re applying for.

Email or handwritten interview thank you letter

Why not both? While an email after an interview is great, a handwritten thank you letter is an additional touch that can go a long way. Doubling gratitude with an email and letter is how a job-seeker can show they’re genuine about their appreciation and that they understand and value the opportunity offered. That’s not to say that a written letter must be identical to your email. Even a simple card with a phrase or two of thanks will work because honestly, in this case, it truly is the thought that counts.

Step 1. Craft an email.

An email is quick and looks good to hiring managers who may be ending their day wondering how many of the candidates they’ve interviewed are sincerely invested in moving forward and for who the interview was just a checkbox in a lineup of others. Before you send it, quickly review it for clarity and typos.

Step 2. Write it out.

A handwritten letter may be seen as old-school, but it’s an additional opportunity to emphasize your gratefulness and character. Imagine receiving a note in the mail from someone you only met once. It’s a small gesture that will help interviewers remember your thoughtfulness when they’re making their selection. 

A job search can be exhausting, but securing a job interview is half the battle, and you’ve already made it this far already. No matter the stage or results, keep up the gratitude and enthusiasm. Even when you get a “no,” sending one more thanks for an interviewer and company’s time can leave a door open for future opportunities. Test out the template below when saying thanks after your next interview.

Brief Interview Thank You Email Template

Hey there {Interviewer’s First Name},

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me today. I gained so much from our chat, and I hope I can draw on your experience in {Interesting Professional Topic/Shared Hobby} in the near future.

{Name of Company}, your team, and the culture that propels all the work you do is an asset to a professional such as myself hoping to grow in this industry. I can’t thank you enough for making the time to discuss this opportunity.


{Your Name}

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