Upskilling your Workforce

3 Upskilling Practices to Help Evolve Your Workforce

3 Upskilling Practices to Help Evolve Your Workforce

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Wouldn’t it be nice if the skillsets of your workforce could stand the test of time? If, in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges (like the COVID-19 pandemic), your company thrived because there were practices in place that encouraged adaptability and growth?

Well, the race to that checkered flag is long, but the prize of not just sustainability but evolving your workforce is worth it.

The starting line: What is upskilling?

So you’ve invested in some new hires, and with the sun not quite setting on the Great Resignation, the anxiety of fluctuating retention rates may be running a cold shiver down the backs of companies across the US. This is why your investment as a company leader shouldn’t stop there.

Upskilling vs. Reskilling

Staying up to date with new techniques or programs that help employees save time with their daily tasks and be more productive overall is how an individual up’s their skill. You can also help your employees upskill by encouraging them to learn additional skills that complement their role or prepare them for upward mobility.

On the other hand, reskilling is how you can prepare your team for the change and challenges of a new role or opportunity within the company. It would seem counterintuitive to place an individual in a setting where they must find new solutions without the tools needed to do so.  

3 upskilling practices

So, before we dust off the reading glasses and start spending obscene amounts of money on “back-to-school” accessories, baby steps must be taken to determine the right path for your company. Make sure you’ve got your company goals in sight when implementing any new changes so that you get the most out of whatever path you choose.

With a well-informed strategy and a better understanding of the target skill sets, employers can focus on providing the necessary training assets…

– Why Upskilling is more than just a cool perk in the hybrid world, Fast Company

Opt-in over mandatory

The big picture, or at least the ideal one, is your entire workforce constantly optimizing their skillset and improving their performance. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is ready to commit to a training program or take a course that doesn’t fit into their work-life balance. Giving your workers the right amount of flexibility and freedom is key in providing the best employee experience.

Online learning

Online learning is convenient and can be done collaboratively to gain a new skill as a team, or can instead be tailored to strengthen a specific team member’s potential. As important as technical skills are, online courses may be a great opportunity to round out the edges of some soft skills that can really make an impact on your company’s culture and boost morale. 

Peer mentoring

Upskilling doesn’t have to stay in the digital realm. Taking advantage of the knowledge your veteran employees already possess is a cost-effective way to expose newcomers to the talent, work ethic, and mindset that succeeds in your business.

The only 2 reasons you need to take action now

For the top tier of talent, upskilling is emerging as a must-have employee benefit, like a retirement saving plan, employer subsidized health care, or paid time off.

– Why Upskilling is more than just a cool perk in the hybrid world, Fast Company

Attract job seekers and manage employee retention

Consider how encouraged job seekers will feel when they find out your corporate perks include strategies for constant growth, both on an individual level and as a team or department. Now consider the employees you already have that could really thrive if one skill was just a tad bit sharper or if your teams were well rounded with the necessary skillset to boost efforts, efficiency, and production. You would be fueling your productivity through your most valuable asset: your workforce.

1 choice to make

Taking the initiative to really invest in the growth and security of your workforce, from the inside out, speaks volumes about the culture of your company and the character of its leadership. The engine’s ready, time to put the pedal to the metal!

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