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How Companies Can Benefit from Working With a Recruiter

How Companies Can Benefit from Working With a Recruiter
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Some myths and opinions may have companies turning their nose up to working with a recruiter. But generalizing all staffing agencies and recruitment platforms may be the difference between exhausting resources with the hiring process and seamlessly integrating top talent into your business. 

“The truth is, not all recruiters are the same.” – gpac Senior Recruiter, Jerry Beech

For a client company, a recruiter’s role doesn’t end with searching for top talent. A significant benefit of working with a recruiter is their effort easing a candidate’s transition from the interview and offer stages and, in some cases, onboarding. But that’s just one perk. Here are a few more:

Manage your costs

The hiring process is high-priced, and you may already be experiencing a loss in revenue simply by critical positions remaining open. A recruiter that recognizes your urgent needs will show you results before asking for a fee.

Search consultants with gpac, a recruitment platform with just over three decades of industry experience, firmly believe that people should come before paychecks. Replacing the “commission” drive with the impact of growing people and companies is how gpac recruiters operate.

Lessen the Burden

Along with the time-consuming efforts of surfacing quality candidates, you still have tasks to complete, a team to lead, and a business to run. The right recruiter can help you shift some weight by performing the tedious searching and vetting that goes into sourcing the right match for your needs. 

Focusing on your everyday responsibilities when you have an urgent position to fill can feel like working with one hand tied behind your back. Consider having a call with a recruiter to see if you can get that hand back and an extra two (or twenty) to assist in your search.

Keep the confidentiality

For some companies, an open position may seem pretty obvious. But if you’re looking to expand your team without stirring internal uncertainty and concern, you may want to work with a recruiter who works confidentially.

A recruiter who understands your business goals and treats your search as a priority will strategically approach finding talent. There are recruiters out there who plaster open positions on every job board, waiting for job seekers to apply. However, gpac recruiters actively search for candidates who not only fit their clients’ ask but who may not have known such an opportunity was available.

Have your needs met

For companies whose needs aren’t only urgent but specific, a targeted search helps keep reviewing resumes from feeling like swiping through an employment matchmaking app. The right recruiter will act as an extra set of eyes and ears across industries to make sure they’re surfacing the candidates you’re actually looking for.

Being in the people business, recruiters make strong connections and networks that their clients can use to their advantage. Though talent searches aren’t a dime a dozen, a good recruiter that’s focused on long-term placements will know what game-changing high-performers look like in your industry.

Preparation and follow-up

As previously mentioned, recruiters can be helpful in steps involving and beyond a search. For instance, recruiters should be familiar with their clients’ interview process so that they can spend less time vetting and more time getting to know potential new employees.

Recruiters who know the value of high-impact growth match companies looking for talent with talent that will thrive in your workplace environment. This is why gpac recruiters aren’t only dedicated to finding a good fit for the type of job their clients are looking for, but to finding a good fit for the company culture they’ll be entering.

With gpac, working with a recruiter is made easy. And with no fee upfront to view candidates, what do you have to lose?

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