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10 Fully Remote Companies to Start a Laptop Lifestyle Career

10 Fully Remote Companies to Start a Laptop Lifestyle Career
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While some businesses insist on bringing back their workforce to offices, more and more professionals lean on the chance to keep working from home. Even if this means seeking new horizons by exploring new positions at fully remote companies. This is a worldwide trend that’s quickly gaining ground even outside the US; according to a survey by Microsoft, 52% of workers around the world stated that they’re thinking of switching to a full-time remote job this year. 

Though most fully remote companies were forced to adopt work-from-home schemes because of the pandemic, many of them quickly saw the benefits of implementing remote-first or trust-based approaches for their workforce. 

If you compare the numbers, before the Covid-19 outbreak, only 23% of US workers said they telecommuted frequently. By October 2020, 71% of the workforce whose jobs could be done remotely were working from home all or most of the time, according to the Pew Research Center. Although this figure reduced to 59% in 2022, more remote workers (61%) declared they were working from home because they chose to do it than during the pandemic (36%).

Even business leaders are starting to realize the benefits of switching to fully remote companies. According to a survey done by Intuition, out of 47% of employers that allow their employees to work from home, 27% of them reported that they’ve experienced increased company productivity. Also, 81% of the respondents stated that loyalty and company engagement would improve as well if they had flexible work options. 

10 companies that switched to fully remote

Despite all the uncertainty and hesitation toward working remotely, more people and companies are getting convinced that the future of work is remote. Even if some of the following businesses were forced to send their workforce home at the beginning of the pandemic, they’ve embraced the laptop lifestyle now that the return to offices option is available again. 

Here are 10 fully remote companies that will allow you to start a laptop lifestyle career. 


As Laptop Lifestyle pioneers, gpac has gone all-in for remote work. Before Covid-19 hit, gpac CEO Ryan Good was already envisioning recruitment as a work-from-home career, and the pandemic became the catalyst for shutting down most of their offices across the US and sending their workforce to continue their success remotely. Ever since, the digital recruitment platform embraced the pandemic and the silver linings along with it, gpac has increased both its revenue and staff. 

Now, gpac offers remote onboarding, top-notch online training, a state-of-the-art remote support system, and the complete flexibility to work from anywhere. In short, gpac has effectively evolved its recipe for success from an in office career to a laptop lifestyle opportunity. 


The manufacturing company announced last October the launch of the “Work Your Way” program, a trust-based approach that allows their employees to create the work schedule that best fits their productivity, family situation, and career goals. The idea of this program is to allow 3M workers to set their own expectations about what the future of work looks like. 

“It is about getting your work done and delivering results. Not about where you sit and what time you logged on.” – Aman Gupta, Vice President of Enterprise Workplace Strategy.


Since last June, this technology and software company has offered its employees a 100% flexible and trust-based dynamic that allows workers to choose between working remotely, in the office, or a combination of both. The Pledge to Flex, as it’s called, seeks to empower SAP workers to run at their own pace and decide when to work according to the business’ needs.


After the pandemic hit, the social media company quickly realized that becoming a fully remote company was the best workaround to maintain productivity and employee engagement. Since October 2020, Reddit employees have been allowed to work wherever they want and still have the option for in-office work for those who struggle to adapt to remote work. 


Keeping with social media platforms, Twitter is also taking steps toward switching to a fully remote company. Though it re-opened its offices last March, its employees can decide where and how they’ll work, including working remotely. 

“If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.” – Jennifer Christie, Vice President of People.


Even while offering some work schemes that aren’t fully remote, their variety of approaches makes Hubspot a compelling company to work remotely. Since January 2021, new onboardings and current employees get to pick between three flexible work options each year: 

  • Office: employees go three or more days per week
  • Flex: workers go two or fewer days each week 
  • Home: employees work entirely remotely  


Airbnb already allowed employees to work from home, but in April 2022, it became a fully remote company and offered employees to live and work from anywhere. Though some sites are still open for those who need to meet in an office, they’ve embraced the flexible schedule and left the choice up to their workers.


Though some positions, like service mechanics, still require in-office work, Lyft has some remote jobs in accounting and finance, data analytics, and business development you can consider. The company has adopted a “fully flexible” workspace that allows most of the employees to choose where to live and work. 

“Almost all new and existing team members will now have the choice of where to live and where to work — Lyft employees can work from the office, at home, or any combination of the two.” – Kristin Sverchek, President of Business Affairs.


Last June, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman announced the 4,400-employee business would become a fully remote company. This decision also comes with the shutting of their “consistently underutilized” offices in New York, Chicago, and Washington DC, where they averaged less than 2% attendance in the last couple of years. 

Before this decision, Stoppelman declared that even though hybrid work schemes seem attractive and safe, they actually represent the worst of both worlds. This is one of the main reasons Yelp is implementing the remote-first model, with a main focus of promoting autonomy, self-development, and professional success.   


Vista is another business that during the pandemic became a fully remote company. Since August 2020, the marketing and design company has allowed employees to work remotely permanently. Although it still has some offices open, they are running as collaboration centers where employees can book desks and meet in person to work when they want. 

As you can see, the chances of finding a job at a fully remote company are getting higher, and it’s only a matter of time before more businesses give the opportunity for flexible schedules and work schemes. If you’re not feeling comfortable working in-office or a job change has been on your mind lately, click the banner and start building a laptop lifestyle career in the recruitment industry.

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Contributed by Luis Arellano

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