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What You Didn’t Know about Recruitment

What You Didn’t Know about Recruitment
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A recruiter, or the recruitment industry, can be called by a wide variety of names: from staffing agencies to a headhunter. Though they can go by different titles that can confuse you if you are not familiar with the industry, they all respond to an essential need: to place candidates in companies (for a fee).

The perks of the recruitment industry

For candidates

A recruiter’s life has many similarities to a sport or a talent agent. Just as top athletes, actors, or singers have an agent who manages their careers while advising them through negotiations and contracts, top candidates use recruiters for similar purposes when looking for job openings. Most of them do so because they don’t have time, or they prefer the experience of having a third-party consultant with an unbiased approach to make the job search and pull the deal together.

For companies

As for hiring authorities, a recruiter helps them grow by finding the best people for the positions they have not been able to fill. Could you imagine Google, Apple, or any top-notch company not looking for the best talent in their field?

For recruiters

Being a recruiter allows you to work from anywhere in the world, thanks to technology and the hundreds of networking platforms. You’re able to choose the industry that excites you most and work with candidates and companies in that field. From arts, banking, and finance to technologies, healthcare, or any of the endless possibilities.

Is recruitment the path for you?

Overall, recruitment is an exciting and high activity job that keeps it interesting by solving the concerns of thousands of people. No recruiter is the same, but in general, they tend to be assertive, extroverted, confident, great listeners, and self-driven. You can apply these, and other skills, to build your career and boost your earnings by helping others.

The best part… it is also as recession-proof as a career can be. Why? Because there will always be positions to fill and people looking for new jobs or life opportunities. Recruiting is a $150 billion industry. It is exceptionally healthy, growing, and shows a bright future with at least 20,000 recruiting or staffing agencies across the country.

In short

What a recruiter does, in the simplest of terms, is finding qualified candidates for job offers. To do that, they need to identify, screen, shortlist, and look for the hiring potential of their candidates. Recruiters work to meet the demands of both employers and employees through the hiring process.

It’s all about connecting the right person with the right position at the proper company. All of this, following the process, assessing the candidate, knowing the company’s necessities, and seeking the demands of each part to bring the best match and outcome possible.

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